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picture12016 – 2017
Florida Urological Society

  • President:  Rolando Rivera, MD
  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Kevin Ki-Dong Lee, MD
  • Executive Committee Member:  Paul Crispen, MD

ses2017 – 2018
Southeastern Section of the
American Urological Association

  • President Elect:  Scott Sellinger, MD
  • Florida Representative:  Michael A. Dennis, MD
  • Florida Representative:  Kevin Ki-Dong Lee, MD
  • Florida Alternate Representative:  Mike Grable, MD
  • Kentucky Representative:  Katie Ballert, MD
  • Representative to AUA Board of Directors:  Tom Stringer, MD

 AUA2016 – 2017
American Urological Association

  • AUA Research Council:  Benjamin Canales, MD
  • Board of Directors SESAUA Representative: Tom Stringer, MD
  • SESAUA Representative AUA Nominating Committee: Li-Ming Su, MD