Latest trend in single port laparoscopic surgery performed and investigated by UF’s Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery team

On 11/24/09 Dr. Li-Ming Su and his team performed the first single port laparoscopic surgery within the department of urology for a symptomatic 20 centimeter kidney cyst. Instead of using conventional laparoscopy which requires 3-4 skin incisions, Dr. Su performed the surgery through a single 2.5 centimeter incision at the navel in order to minimize the number of skin incisions, pain and scarring. The patient experienced minimal pain and was discharged the next day following surgery. Single port surgery has grown in popularity world wide due to its minimally invasive nature and promise for “scarless” surgery. The technique of single port surgery and its efficacy are being investigated by Drs. Su, Parekattil and Atalah in their research lab along with partnerships with instrumentation and device companies; and is being offered to patients for select urologic conditions.


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