Single port robotic surgery offered as a new and unique treatment for chronic lower abdominal and groin pain

On 2/8/2010, UF minimally invasive surgeons, Dr. Parekattil and Dr. Atalah, performed robot-assisted single port laparoscopic surgery with the use of the da Vinci Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.). This case involved abdominal microsurgical neurolysis for a patient with chronic testicular and lower abdominal pain and is the first of its kind. This treatment option was developed at UF initially utilizing robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery through four skin incisions, but now is being performed routinely as an outpatient treatment through a single 2.5 cm incision at the umbilicus.  Dr. Parekattil is currently applying these unique minimally invasive techniques and evaluating their effectiveness in this rather challenging patient population of men suffering from chronic testicular and groin pain that is refractory to other more conventional forms of treatment.


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