UF Urology Residency Program Fully Reaccredited and Expanded to 3 Residents per Year

The Department of Urology was recently notified by the Urology Residency Review Committee (RRC) on behalf of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) that its residency program has been given full accreditation for a total of 5 years through 2014. In addition, the RRC approved the Department’s proposal to expand the residency program from 2 to 3 residents per academic year. This favorable outcome of the RRC’s review of the University of Florida (UF) Urology Residency Program represents a significant achievement that builds on a 50 year history of excellence in residency. Under the leadership of Johannes Vieweg, the urology faculty has grown to 12 full-time clinical faculty members, thereby increasing both the breadth and depth of its educational offerings. The UF Urology Residency Program offers exceptional training in genitourinary oncology, minimally invasive surgery, endourology, female urology, sexual dysfunction, prosthetics and infertility, among others areas.  The program is proud of its past and present residents and appears uniquely poised to continue to train the best and brightest urologists in the country.


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