UF Urology Faculty Leads ‘How to Teach Evidence-Based Clinical Practice’ Workshop

UF Urology Faculty Leads ‘How to Teach Evidence-Based Clinical Practice’ Workshop 

On Saturday, June 16th, the University of Florida (UF) College of Medicine (COM) Office of Education hosted an inaugural Faculty Development Workshop on the topic of ‘How to Teach Evidence-Based Clinical Practice’. Approximately 20 educators from all parts of the UF COM involved in undergraduate and graduate medical education interested in enhancing their evidence-based medicine (EBM) teaching skills attended this first of its kind workshop at UF. Philipp Dahm, Professor of Urology, who has extensive experience with EBM teaching through his involvement with the renowned workshops on ‘how to teach EBM’ at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON), Duke University (Durham, NC) and Oxford University (UK), directed the workshop. Dr. Lou Moy, also UF Urology faculty, Dr. Robert Lawrence (Department of Pediatrics), as well as Drs. Rebecca Beyth, Shahnaz Sultan and Eric Rosenberg (all Department of Medicine), all with extensive experience in EBM teaching, served as the other facilitators of this educational event. The workshop featured a highly interactive lecture about core EBM concepts that relate to questions of therapy. This was followed by small group critical appraisal exercises as well as a discussion about effective teaching strategies. The workshop was a major success and is expected to be followed by similar educational events on EBM teaching. Future topics will include searching for the best evidence and the interpretation diagnostic test studies and systematic reviews and meta-analyses.


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