Featured Faculty: Paul Crispen, MD

EZ_20130516_UF_Paul_Crispen_0009I am proud to become a member of the Multidisciplinary Genitourinary Oncology team at the University of Florida. Patients afflicted by genitourinary malignancies will face many challenges during the evaluation and treatment of their cancer which may be minimized by comprehensive care provided by multiple specialists. Our team consists of experienced providers including clinical and research coordinators, nurses, physician assistants, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologist, and Urologic Oncologists.

As a urologic oncologist I specialize in the surgical treatment of cancers involving the kidney, bladder, prostate, testis, and penis. My training as a Urologic Oncologist began at Temple University School Medicine where I received my medical degree and completed a Urology residency. During my residency I had the opportunity to study at the Fox Chase Cancer Center where I was first introduced to the importance of comprehensive cancer care and clinical research. Following completion of residency I received fellowship training in Urologic Oncology at the Mayo Clinic. I then joined the faculty at the University of Kentucky where I remained for 3 years with a focus on multidisciplinary cancer care at the Markey Cancer Center.

Through my training and clinical experience I have learned the importance of patient education prior to making treatment decisions. By empowering patients with knowledge of their cancer we can create a relationship in which a patients have a more active role in the decision making process. Furthermore, I know that every patient has unique set of needs and goals and that their treatment plan must be tailored to meet their individual needs and goals. For these reasons we offer patients a broad range of treatment options ranging from watchful waiting and single modality therapy to multimodal treatment which may involve several types therapy including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. In regard to the surgical treatment of genitourinary malignancies I have experience in both minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques which allows me to offer patients the approach which is best suited for their individual needs. Regardless of which type of treatment a patient pursues we place emphasis on minimizing any potential treatment related morbidity.

My research interest is primarily related to improving the evaluation and treatment of patients presenting with genitourinary malignancies. To date, most of my research effort has focused on the management of kidney cancer, evaluating the natural history of the malignancy and methods to improve treatment selection. Additionally, I have a strong interest in involving appropriately selected patients in clinical trials which are designed to evaluate new treatment regimens and hopefully improve the care of patients at the University of Florida and beyond.


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