UF Urology Represented at the Southeastern Section of the American Urological Association

Several UF Urology Faculty and Residents attended the 80th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Section of the American Urological Association (SESAUA) in Nashville, TN March 17 – 20, 2016.

In attendance were: Dr. Li-Ming Su, Dr. Vincent Bird, Dr. Victoria Bird, Dr. Michael Dennis, Dr. Tom Stringer, Dr. Paul Crispen, Dr. Brandon Otto, Dr. Russ Terry, Dr. Julia Han, Dr. Rishi Modh, Dr. JB Mason and Dr. Paula Domino.

Awards Received:

  • Dr. Rishi Modh:   Recipient of the SESAUA Resident Humanitarian Award
  • Dr. Vincent Bird:  Participated and received the loudest cheer for his debate against other stone specialists in the southeast
  • Dr. Tom Stringer:  Served as the SESAUA representative to the National AUA and gave status updates
  • Dr. Tom Stringer and Dr. JB Mason:  Served on this year’s Board of Directors for the SESAUA.

Research Presented (Poster or Moderated Talk):

  • Dr. Russ Terry
  • Dr. Julia Han
  • Dr. Paula Domino
  • Dr. Brandon Otto
  • Dr. JB Mason

SESAUA Residents Quiz Bowl:

  • Dr. Russ Terry

It was a great meeting and everyone is excited about the
AUA meeting in San Diego!



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