Saeed Khan, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor UF Department of Urology, receives three lifetime achievement awards

Saeed Khan, PhD

 Congratulations to Dr. Saeed Khan, Adjunct Professor in the  Department of Urology at the University of Florida, on receiving three lifetime achievement awards over the last 6 months.

In July 2016, Dr. Khan gave an invited presentation as well as organized a mini-seminar at the 13th International Symposium on Urolithiasis in Chiba, Japan. This type of urolithiasis symposia is held once every four years in various locations around the world. At the meeting, he was given an Honorary Award, “In Recognition of His Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to the Field of Urolithiasis Research”, a distinction given previously to only two others in the field.

In April 2016, Dr. Khan received the University of Florida, College of Medicine, Lifetime Achievement Award, “In Recognition of An Extraordinary Academic Career of Leadership, Teaching, Research and Discovery. Your dedication and success has brought great honor and recognition to The College of Medicine and the University of Florida

Finally, in March 2016, Dr. Khan was awarded the “Unbreakable” Lifetime Achievement award by The American Urological Association, Inc. and the R.O.C.K. Society, “In Recognition of your Devotion to Kidney Stone Disease through Nucleation of Brilliant Crystal Ideas, Growth of your Research Endeavors, Retention for Years within the Kidney Stone Field, and Aggregation of Others with Like Minds…”

Throughout his career, Dr. Khan has published more than 400 scholarly articles, including reviews, book chapters and nearly 200 refereed articles. He regularly reviews manuscripts for a number of scholarly journals and is currently an associate editor for the journal Urolithiasis (formerly Urological Research), the official journal of the International Urolithiasis Society. He has also edited a number of proceedings of international symposia on urolithiasis, in addition to a book titled Calcium Oxalate in Biological Systems.

Dr. Khan has organized two Finlayson Symposia on Urolithiasis at the University of Florida had significant involvement in national and international professional associations, serving as:

  • The president of the Florida Society for Microscopy;
  • The president of the R.O.C.K. (Research on Calculus Kinetics) Society (in 1999); and
  • A member of both the advisory boards of International Symposia on Urolithiasis and the European Symposia on Urolithiasis.

An experienced speaker, Dr. Khan has also given keynote addresses, and plenary and state-of-the-art lectures at conferences and symposia, both at domestic and international meetings across the globe.

For his outstanding career accomplishments, Dr. Khan has also received:

  • The UF Research Achievement Award;
  • The UF College of Medicine Faculty Research Prize in Basic Science; and
  • A Research Foundation Professorship.

Dr. Khan is currently Director of the Urology Training Grant and co-mentoring two T32 fellows funded by the National Institutes of Health and one Urology Care Foundation Research Scholar funded by American Urological Association. He also mentored Dr. Benjamin Canales, Associate Professor of Urology who this year received Golden Cystoscope Award.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Khan!

Dr. Khan, Dr. Canales and our T32 Fellows: Dr. Gutierrez, Dr. O’Kell and Dr. Chastain-Gross
Dr. Khan and Dr. Canales, the 2016 AUA Gold Cystoscope Award Winner



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