Ten UF Urology Faculty and Residents recognized for Customer Service Key Award


Congratulations to our Department of
Urology faculty and residents who received Customer Service Key Awards

“Customer Service is the Key (CSK)” recognizes and rewards UF Health employees who make a difference by providing compassionate care and excellent service to our customers. Patients, visitors, employees and physicians are encouraged nominate their peers who have exceeded expectations.

An average of 3,200 employee nominations are received every quarter. Nominations come from all corners of our organization and recognize employees in clinical settings who provide direct patient care as well as those who are behind the scenes in administrative areas.

In December, 2016 the following were recognized.  This is the largest number of department members nominated to date.

11 Victoria Bird_MCM_5323


Victoria Bird, MD





Vincent Bird MD


Vincent Bird, MD




Aaron Brafman_MCM_8696


Aaron Brafman, MD (Housestaff)





Paul Crispen, M.D.


Paul Crispen, MD




Julia Han_MCM_8702


Julia Han, MD (Housestaff)




James Mason_MCM_8662


James Mason, MD (Housestaff)




Dr. Lou Moy


Louis Moy, MD





Li-Ming Su_MCM_5453-edit


Li-Ming Su, MD





Paulas Vyas_MCM_8719


Paulas Vyas, MD  (Housestaff)





Lawrence Yeung_MCM_8799


Larry Yeung, MD










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