Florida Prostate Cancer Advisory Council Annual Meeting Special Guest: Chris Gonzalez, MD

pcac logoThe annual meeting of the Florida Prostate Cancer Advisory Council was held at the UF Department of Urology on Saturday, December 9, 2017. PCAC was established in 2004 by state statute under the direction of the UF Prostate Disease Center. PCAC advises the legislature on statewide issues regarding prostate cancer incidence and mortality as well as related health disparities for access to care and prostate cancer treatment.


picture of dr gonzalez

Special guest, Dr. Chris Gonzalez,  Chairman of the AUA Public Policy Council, lectured on the preservation of access to PSA screening. This was pertinent to all further discussion, including the state guidelines for detection and screening developed by PCAC in 2016. Dr. Gonzalez is the Lester Persky Chairman of Urology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and is a nationally recognized thought leader on quality improvement and patient safety as well as federal legislative affairs.


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