Congratulations Shelly Doran, recipient of the UFHealth Cancer Center’s Outreach Award!

picure of dr licht, pam clevenger and michelle doran

Congratulations to our Outreach Award Winners
The UF Health Oncology Nurse Navigator team

Pictured: Dr. Licht, Pam Clevenger and Shelly Doran

Being diagnosed with any form of cancer immediately invokes sadness and fear.  The need for multiple tests and appointments only adds to the stress felt by patients and their family members.  Thankfully the Department of Urology has Shelly Doran RN to help patients get through this extremely difficult time.  Ms. Doran is the UFHealth Cancer Center Nurse Navigator for Genitourinary Oncology, and is the only certified nurse navigator in our health care system.  She serves as a critical bridge between patients and other care providers to coordinate and expedite their care.  More importantly, Ms. Doran is a strong patient advocate helping to ensuring comprehensive care.


Recently, Ms. Doran, and other cancer care navigators from the UFHealth Cancer Center, was recognized with the Outreach Award.  The Outreach Award was presented during the the UFHealth Cancer Center’s annual award event on January 6th.


This prestigious award recognizes those with the greatest impact on the community of patients cared for by the UFHealth Cancer Center.


Paul L. Crispen, MD
Associate Professor
UF Health Cancer Center Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee Chair

Other award winners include:

Jennifer West (GI)
Pamela Clevenger (Breast)
Stacey Reeves (Lung)
Vicki Taylor (Cancer Services Coord)
Stacy Zarecki (Peds)
Ann Dove (Peds)
Maggie Gulig (Peds)
Natalie Dotson (Peds)
Brandi Nunn (Ortho/Sarcoma)
Jade Townsend (ENT/H&N)
Jennifer Thompson (Urology Cancer Services Coord)

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