Advanced Practice Providers Expanding Role at UF Urology

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Along with our mainstay Physician Assistant, Mitsu Andre and our Pediatric Urology Nurse Practitioner Lindsay Rohan, UF Urology has added 3 more advanced practice providers (APPs) to our urology staff. Rosario Alfaro, ARNP, Hayley Johnson, PA-C and Elizabeth Stacy, PA-C have been a welcome addition to our clinic staff.  After receiving specific urology training, these APPs are now able to help provide continuity of care to a full spectrum of urology patients.

They represent a cultural shift and transformation in urology patient care by having some autonomy, as well as, on site urologist supervision in providing timely care of our patients.

The American Urology Association has also developed an online education program for the Association’s ARNP and PA members to increase their urology specific knowledge.

With a nationwide shortage of urologists, the shift to using APPs to the full extent allowed by their licensure, is anticipated to lower costs, improve efficiency and increase timely access to our clinic to accommodate patients with acute urology issues, thereby decreasing the need for emergency room or urgent care visits.

The APPs will focus on non-surgical care and some of the simpler office procedures including wound evaluations, catheter placement or exchanges and postoperative patient issues.

We anticipate that their inclusion into our practice should help our UF urologists maximize their time in assessing new patient problems, reducing surgical wait time and optimize quality of care.


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