Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Grajo and UF Health Urology Team for recent publication!

PICTURE OF DR JOE GRAJOCongratulations to Dr. Joseph Grajo (Assistant Professor, UF Health/Shands Radiology and Urology) and the rest of the UF Heath Urology team (Drs. Terry, Noennig, Pavlinec, Bozorgmehri, Crispen, and Su) for their recent publication entitled, “Using Aorta-Lesion-Attenuation Difference (ALAD) on Preoperative Contrast-Enhanced CT Scan to Differentiate between Malignant and Benign Renal Tumors.”

MEDICAL PICTUREThis publication, which has been accepted and is “in press” in Urology, highlights a new CT algorithm that appears to discriminate well between a malignant and benign type of kidney cancer with high accuracy. In the future, this technique may help patients avoid a diagnostic needle biopsy and even perhaps surgery.

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