William L. Donelan, PhD Promoted to Research Assistant Scientist

picture of dr donelan

Dr. Donelan received his PhD in Biomedical Sciences from UF in 2012 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Biochemistry in 2014. Following graduation, he worked in the US patent office and as a scientist in the Gainesville biotech industry. He came to the Department of Urology in the fall of 2017 and shortly thereafter received a prestigious $120,000 Research Scholar Grant through the Urology Care Foundation, Endourological Society section. Over the last year, he has presented his data in podium sessions at both regional and national AUA meetings.

In his new UF faculty position as “Research Assistant Scientist”,  he has already obtained a subaward contract through a local start-up company to continue his research in developing a point-of-care urine oxalate monitoring test in order to help patients lower their kidney stone risk and prevent kidney stone recurrence.

Please congratulate him on his faculty appointment!


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