Dr Ahmad Z. Vafa Retirement Celebration

Doctor Vafa headshot. He is wearing a dark blue suit, light blue shirt and red tie. He has gray hair and a grayish mustache and goatee

Please join our department in congratulating Dr. Ahmad Z. Vafa on his retirement this month. Dr. Vafa has been affiliated with the University of Florida since his hire as a new faculty member at the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center (VAMC) in 2004, where he served as the chief of urology. Dr. Vafa was instrumental in establishing an outstanding urology clinic for our veterans, as well as organized resident education and training. After 16 years of performing urologic procedures and leading the VA division of urology, he is retiring to sunny Orlando with his lovely wife, Dr. Simin Zarandy-Vafa. 

Doctor Vafa and his wife Doctor Zarandy. They are attending the 2018 Urology Resident Graduatiion Celebration. He is wearing a black tux with white shirt and black and white cumberbund and bowtie. He has grey and black hair with a mustache and goatee. She is wearing a hot pink dress with long strand of pearls holding her reading glases in her hand. She has shoulder length blonde hair. They both have happy smiles.

A retirement celebration was held in his honor Tuesday, January 24th at Paramount Grill. Attendees included faculty and spouses.

Please join us in wishing them endless grandchildren visits and vacations in their newfound free time.

We will miss you Dr. Vafa!


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