7th Annual UF Urology Faculty/Resident Golf Tournament

The 7th Annual UF Urology Faculty/Resident Golf Tournament was held at Ironwood Golf Course on May 25th, followed by pizza and beer at the home of the Stringers. Although the venue and time were changed from previous years, the annual accompanying deluge of rain remained the same. Hanging unto the golf club became as challenging as trying not to lose the mother ball.

Three foursomes competed ferociously. In the end the team of Jeremy Archer, Kevin Campbell, Paul Crispen, and Padraic O’Malley prevailed by a single stroke when the lost mother ball penalty stroke was imposed on the team of  Larry Yeung, Tom Stringer, Mark Abboud and Mike Maidaa. The winning team each received a Ballzee green side ball cleaner. Prizes were also awarded to Jeremy Archer for both the longest drive and the closest to the pin as well as Kevin Campbell for the longest putt.

The names of the winning team members will be emblazoned on a permanent plaque hanging in the department  and to the rest of us, better luck next year. Preserve the mother ball.      


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