Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Pavlinec! 2nd Place in Endourological Society Essay Contest

doctor pavlinec wearing a white doctor coat with a light blue shirt and orange tie with blue dots. He has dark hair. he is in his early 30's. the background of the photo is medium blue.

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Pavlinec for placing 2nd in the Basic/Translational Science Category of the Endourological Society Essay Contest with his manuscript entitled, “Initial Experience: Ex-Vivo Perfused Pig Kidney to Study Urinary Oxalate Excretion.”

Each year, graduating endourology fellows are required to submit a scientific article based upon work he/she performed during their fellowship year. These manuscripts, around 60 in total, are categorized as either Basic/Translational Science or Clinical Research and then judged by a fellowship committee. The top three papers in each category are awarded monetary prizes and presented at the World Congress Annual Meeting. Jonathan and his team of researchers created a new kidney stone model by perfusing porcine kidneys “ex-vivo” on a pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass machine.  Although previously published to help rehabilitate diseased transplant organs, the bypass pump allowed Jonathan to create an environment where early crystallization and stone pathogenesis theories could be tested and observed.

Please join us in celebrating his terrific accomplishment!


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