May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month!

Ribbon is dark purple, blue and gold ribbon showing bladder cancer support

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month! 

Help us spread this message of awareness and let others know the warning signs of bladder cancer.  Share through email and social media.  You never know who you might help.

To learn more about bladder cancer, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, please click here.

The UF Health Urologic Cancer Center in Gainesville provides a state of the art and comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with bladder cancer.

Our multidisciplinary team of fellowship-trained physicians, nurse practitioners and nurse and patient navigators collaborate to develop individualized patient treatment plans utilizing the latest in genetic profiling, minimally invasive surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. UF Health is actively involved in clinical trials and research to preserve the bladder whenever possible.

For more information on symptoms or to schedule an appointment with a care coordinator please call 352.265.8240.


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