UF Urology Annual Chiefs Dinner held Saturday, May 22, 2021

doctor tom stringer and his wife leah hosting uf urology graduating chiefs for dinner. the setting is the dining room of the stringers home. a large chandelier can be seen in the middle of the photo. at the far end of the table is tom stringer and his wife leah. they are dressed in casual clothes. on the left is doctor bergamo dressed in gray scrubs and doctor rabley dress in casual clothes. on the right of the table is doctor kuo and her husband craig. both are dressed in casual clothes.
From left to right, Jeremy Bergamo, Andrew Rabley, Tom Stringer, Leah Stringer, Tyler Krehg, Jennifer Kuo

The annual tradition of a formal but intimate dinner celebration for our three chief residents took place at the home of Tom and Leah Stringer on Saturday, May 22.

This gathering is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate their five years of dedication and growth as urologists, as well as to toast their future. The setting is the dining room of our home and the chief resident dinner is a carefully constructed and special meal prepared by Leah Stringer.  My favorite part each year is the prolonged dinner table conversation that ensues. Stories that regale the memories of the last five years. It feels like a family because it is a family.  

Best wishes and good luck to Dr. Jeremy Bergamo, Dr. Jennifer Kuo and Dr. Andrew Rabley.

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Thomas F. Stringer, MD
Associate Professor
Associate Chair of Philanthropy and Alumni Affairs

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