Meet Dr. Miranda Eubank, UF Urology PGY1

doctor Miranda Eubank is in her doctors white coat. she has on a white shirt.

Miranda Eubank, MD
University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine
Columbia, MO

Miranda in her backyard garden.  she is posing near some of her plants.  she is wearing shorts, t shirt and jacket.

I am engaged to my wonderful fiancé, Jeff, who I met in medical school. We have 2 dogs, a Shiba Inu mix named Kota and a Husky named Nola.

Why Urology?

  • I love the ability to treat a spectrum of patients of all ages while performing a variety of fun procedures both in the clinic and the operating room. Urologists truly improve the quality of their patient’s lives. They also tend to be awesome humans!

What are you looking forward to?

  • I am looking forward to building friendships with my team at UF, enjoying the warm weather, and learning a TON.

What are your hobbies?

  • Gardening/Houseplants, Gymnastics (only watching these days), Woodworking/DIY, Board Games, Hiking/Paddling

Got a funny story?

  • The only time I had been to Gainesville prior to matching into residency was to compete against the UF gymnastics team (as a Missouri Tiger). They absolutely crushed us every time, but I was happy to be warm in the middle of winter!


Florida’s Leading Academic Urology Program

Rated as High Performing Urology Program

Rated as High Performing in Prostate Cancer Surgery