Happy Administrative Professionals Week

a happy Administrative Professionals Week card with pink flowers and a blue butterfly.

Administrative Professionals Week (APW) is celebrated annually during the last full week in April and the intervening Wednesday is designated “Administrative Professionals Day”. This week is dedicated to secretaries and administrative professionals in recognition of their contributions toward business and industries. Administrative Professionals Day highlights the important role of administrative professionals in all sectors of the modern economy worldwide.

On behalf of our entire faculty, I want to say, “Happy Administrative Professional’s Day”. I know that our faculty are constantly pulled in different directions and don’t always have or take the time to say ‘Thank you’ but please know that you ARE seen and greatly appreciate for the daily good deeds that you do. We appreciate your hard work and commitment to our department and residency program. We are a team and would not be successful without you!

Dr. Li-Ming Su and the UF Urology Faculty


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