UF Urology Annual Chiefs Dinner held Sunday, June 5, 2022

doctor tom and leah stringer host the graduating urology residents for dinner in their home
Pictured left to right: Dr. Tanner Rawlings, Dr. Jeremy Archer, Jessica Archer, Leah Stringer, Dr. Tom Stringer, Dr. Troy Larson, Samantha Larson

This past weekend  marked the annual chief resident’s dinner at the home of Tom and Leah Stringer. This celebration is one of the many events highlighting the achievements of our graduating residents: Drs. Jeremy Archer, Troy Larson, and Tanner Rawlings.

The dinner for the chiefs and their spouses is always intimate and relaxed. The good plates and silver come out. The menu included Beef Wellington this year and is always a labor of love. I help some, but Leah does the planning and preparation.

As usual, sitting at the table and reflecting on the last 5 years extends far past the food. Success can be measured in many ways. Academic achievements and progress in the preparation for a  urologic career is one. The development of meaningful relationships is yet another. Our group of graduating residents have left a lasting impact, in part, measured by the memories they have left us with.

Good luck.

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