Christopher E. Bayne, MD Recognized as Top Reviewer in 2022 for the Journal of Urology

This photo is of Christopher E. Bayne who is a medical doctor. He is wearing a dark blue suit coat with a white collared shirt and a dark blue tie. He has brown hair and is wearing black framed glasses. The background of the photo is medium blue.

In academic urology practice, faculty generally excel in their clinical care followed by their research and educational excellence. Others go above and beyond with service-related contributions, which can be at the department, institutional and/or organizational level.

Recently, Chris Bayne was recognized as Top Reviewer in 2022 for the Journal of Urology, the leading journal in our field. Dr. Bayne is already well known for his outstanding success as a clinician, educator and researcher and this award is a clear demonstration of his broader commitment to the field and our urologic society in offering his time and knowledge to review submitted articles for peer-review and commentary. Being recognized as a top reviewer is no easy task as it is indicative of an individual providing high-quality reviews that have received outstanding marks by the journal editors. What is also notable is Dr. Bayne’s senior partner, Romano DeMarco, was also recognized as a Top Reviewer for the same journal a little over a year ago.

Congratulations to the UF Urology Division of Pediatric Urology faculty for your unwavering commitment to excellence!


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