UF Health Urology Uses Collaboration, Robotics to Treat Advanced RVT

Complex cases require advanced approaches. A renal vein thrombosis poses the type of medical challenge that demands a higher level of care, and University of Florida Health Urology has demonstrated its ability to deliver. Renal vein thrombosis, or RVT, stands apart from other health conditions due to the size, aggressive nature and likeliness to invade adjacent structures, and because they contain anomalous blood vessels. Most importantly, these lesions have frank vascular invasion of the largest vein in the body, the vena cava.

However, UF Health Urology can draw upon many unique strengths, including cross-disciplinary collaboration and technical expertise with robotics, to provide an effective treatment method that isn’t offered in many health care institutions.

“These cases are not done at non-academic centers, and even at many academic centers, they are not done with the same regularity as they are done here,” said Padraic O’Malley, M.D., an assistant professor in the University of Florida Department of Urology. “Furthermore, performance of these robotically, which is technically even more challenging, is limited to an even smaller number of high-volume centers nationwide.”

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