Padraic G. O’Malley, MD Promoted to Chief of the Division of Urologic Oncology

picture of doctor Padraic O'Malley in his white doctors coat. he has on a white shirt with small blue plaid squares and a multi striped pink and light blue tie. he has dark brown hair. The background of the photo is medium blue.
Padraic O’Malley, MD

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Padraic O’Malley as the new Chief of the Division of Urologic Oncology in the UF Department of Urology. Dr. O’Malley succeeds Paul Crispen, MD, in this important service role, effective January 15, 2023. He will lead the division in all aspects including clinical, education and research. Dr. O’Malley has earned this new position due to his outstanding clinical productivity as an experienced and versatile urologic oncologist, providing surgical care ranging from open, endoscopic, laparoscopic and robotic surgery. He has also expanded our clinical services with his innovative retroperitoneal and single port robotic surgeries as well as RPLND and caval thrombectomy work. He has done an outstanding job leading the GU multi-D oncology tumor board, which he will continue to lead, and he will also assist in future recruitment and mentorship of new oncology faculty.

head shot of doctor Paul L. Crispen in a white doctor coat. he has on a blue shirt with a multi striped tie. He has dark blond hair. The background of the photo is medium blue.
Paul Crispen, MD

I also want to take this time to especially thank Paul Crispen for his superb work as the former division chief. Dr. Crispen exemplifies the teamwork, thoughtfulness, and unselfishness that makes our department great. He has continued to show his commitment to process improvement in putting the department and its faculty first before his own interests, which has earned him the respect of his colleagues within and outside of the department as well as with leadership within the COM.

I especially want to commend Dr. Crispen for prompting me to consider Dr. O’Malley for this division role and his understanding of the critical importance of establishing an ascension plan within the division.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. O’Malley and thanking Dr. Crispen!

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