UF Urology Clinical Excellence Award Recipient for 2023: Romano DeMarco, MD

doctor demarco is holding his clinical excellence award plaque. he is wearing his white doctors coat and is standing in the urology conference room.

The University of Florida Wellness Committee of the Faculty Council has developed the Clinical Excellence Award to recognize a faculty member who epitomizes excellence in patient care, is a leader in the advancement of clinical innovations, and who has had deep impact on patients, staff, peers, and trainees. Awardees exemplify humanistic and compassionate patient care, are highly effective in leading multidisciplinary teams, they serve as a mentor to junior colleagues and trainees, and are skilled at bringing high-quality evidenced-based care to the bedside. The 2023 UF Urology Clinical Excellence Award recipient is Romano DeMarco, MD.

This award (selected by Chair Li-Ming Su, MD), recognizes Dr. DeMarco for expanding the pediatric urology outreach practices.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. DeMarco.


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