Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation | Celebrating Hope Gainesville | UF Health Cancer Center | Recap

May 15th marked a day of optimism as UF Health and the Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation (https://jnfkidneycancer.org/) teamed up for “A Celebration of Hope: Bringing the Hope to You Kidney Cancer Educational Symposium”. The program brought together physicians and allied health care providers from multiple specialty areas all with the common theme of focusing on patient care for those with kidney cancer. Talks covered the early stage of small renal mass by urology chairman, Dr. Li-Ming Su, to systemic therapy in metastatic cases from a number of our dynamic medical oncologists, Drs. Chatzkel, Ramnaraign, and DeLaune, to the cutting edge of laboratory research by Dr. Kusmartsev.

Perhaps the most inspiring and engaging talk was given by our patient perspective speaker, Mr. Thomas Surrency. His talk was filled with honesty, compassion, and hope. Patients, their families, and those that treat patients with kidney cancer were left feeling inspired, optimistic, and better educated on how to beat this disease! We look forward to a repeat event next year!

picture of doctor Padraic O'Malley in his white doctors coat. he has on a white shirt with small blue plaid squares and a multi striped pink and light blue tie. he has dark brown hair. The background of the photo is medium blue.

Padraic G. O’Malley, MSc, MD, FRCSC
Assistant Professor
Chief, Division of Urologic Oncology
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