Meet Dr. Christopher L. Zhou, UF Urology PGY 1

doctor zhou standing near  formula one race car.

Christopher L. Zhou MD

Why urology?

I didn’t even know what urology was when I started medical school, but after accidentally stumbling into a urology operating room during my third year, I immediately became hooked. I fell in love with the sheer breadth and variety of surgical procedures we can offer to patients, from small clinical procedures to kidney stone removal to massive cancer resection. I also enjoyed the opportunity to form unique bonds of trust with patients and help them through what are often private, intimate health issues. This blend of incredible surgeries and gratifying patient relationships made urology the perfect fit for me.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to meeting and forming long-term friendships with my UF colleagues!

What are your hobbies?

I’m a lifelong musician and play the clarinet and (formerly) the piano. I’ve performed in countless bands and orchestras and have gotten to meet amazing people and travel the world through music. I also love watching Formula 1 and collecting watches!

Got a funny story?

One summer, I taught an online anatomy course. Everything was going great until one day, I accidentally locked my computer inside an office room and couldn’t get back inside. I had no choice but to stack a chair onto a table, climb on top and crawl THROUGH the ceiling, and drop down into the office room from the other side of the door! Luckily, I made it just in time for our lesson. I’d do anything for my students, and the same goes for my future patients!


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Rated as High Performing in Prostate Cancer Surgery