Meet Dr. Brett Friedman, UF Urology PGY 2

doctor friedman, his wife and son.

Brett Friedman, MD

Why urology?

The people are truly the best 
Compassion but able to jest
From robot to stone
How uro has grown
I love it above all the rest  

What are you most looking forward to?

Our family can’t wait to be Gators
Even though we’ll be out-of-staters
The nature is vast
The campus a blast
And learning from top educators 

doctor friedman as a child dressed as doctor

What are your hobbies?

Travel with my wife and son  
Or basketball 1-v-1
Climbing on rocks
Or bagels and lox
Or simply just going to run

Got a funny story?

To protect from our newborn’s peepee
We were gifted a fancy teepee
But right when it fell
My son knew as well
And then urine was all I could see 


Florida’s Leading Academic Urology Program

Rated as High Performing Urology Program

Rated as High Performing in Prostate Cancer Surgery