Goals and Objectives

Residency Program Mission Statement

To provide and improve individual and community urologic health through exceptional education, discovery and the delivery of patient-centered, innovative high-quality urologic care.

Residency Program Aims:

  1. Provide our residents with the highest quality urologic residency training in order to prepare them for a career in Urology.
  2. Support and establish a culture of resident well-being to ensure our residents will be emotionally healthy and able to provide the best care possible to our patient and health care community.
  3. Educate residents in current use of technology such as the electronic medical record and simulation.

The Department of Urology is committed to a training environment that is progressive, pioneering, and founded in a tradition of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), and life-long learning. To that end, we have exerted serious effort in recruiting faculty as clinical surgeons and developing resources to achieve these goals.

Our educational goals are in close alignment with clinical commitments to UF Urology’s Best Practice mission, which includes providing comprehensive solutions for patients with treatment options that not only meet, but exceed standards of care in all disciplines. The urologic resident will acquire cognitive knowledge, technical skills, research experience, and interpersonal and direct patient care skills, through didactic lectures, small group conferences, audio visual media, individual instruction and independent reading to achieve these goals. Residents are provided opportunities for self reflection to potentiate self understanding and promote lifelong learning. All residents are provided with a core curriculum which has been prepared to give clear goals and objectives for each assignment. This curriculum is individualized to each rotation and is prepared by the representative faculty, program director and associate director, both of whom are team leaders for the American Urological Associations National Core Curriculum Project. What follows is the current UF core curriculum, which is frequently reviewed and updated by the faculty and residents, and addresses objectives in a competency-based outline.  Upon successful completion of the five-year training program (1 year surgery and 4 years urology), the resident will be fully prepared for the general practice of urology, without supervision, and for further training in a subspecialty discipline. We are firmly committed to helping each resident recognize his/her full academic, clinical, and personal potential, within an intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive environment.

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