Resident Wellness

The UF Urology Residency Program and Wellness Committee understands that your urology residency is the most important time in your development as a young urologist. f you have a concern about yourself or a colleague, please reach out to any member of the Wellness Committee (listed below) or MacKenzie Mainor, residency program coordinator. Confidential consultations are available, and we encourage you to reach out early. Struggles during residency are common, and we have significant experience helping others with similar concerns. Information related to crisis response is listed below. If you have ideas about other ways the Wellness Committee can continue to improve the culture of wellness for our residents, please contact a member of the committee to share your vision.

Wellness Committee

M. Louis Moy
Department: MD-UROLOGY

M. Louis Moy M.D.

Jason P Joseph
Department: MD-UROLOGY

Jason P Joseph MD

Program Director And Clinical Assistant Professor
Jordan M Smith
Department: MD-UROLOGY

Jordan M Smith MD

Urology Resident, PGY-3
Wen Y Xie
Department: MD-UROLOGY

Wen Y Xie MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

We recognize that urology residency can be challenging, with work that may require long hours and be emotionally-demanding and stressful. Fast-paced learning, personal and professional growth, and major life events outside of work often occur while you are learning the skills and knowledge needed to become an independent, practicing urologist. Developing strategies to balance responsibilities at work and home, engaging in self-care, and working in a supportive environment will help you advance through your training as a competent, compassionate physician and increase professional fulfillment.

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