Senior Medical Student Elective

The University of Florida offers 4 week externships for senior (4th year) medical students throughout the year.  The months of June through September are typically heavily subscribed, due to the Urology Match.  Early application is suggested.

Students will meet with faculty during their rotation.  They will not be asked back for an interview during Match Season.  However, should a student wish to return, they may request a follow-up interview in writing.  This request should be made no later than September 16 of the Match Season for which they are applying for residency and should be emailed to the program coordinator

The VSAS Application Service can be found here and, to locate the University of Florida’s Urology Surgery Elective, simply type “Urology Florida” in the search box.

Senior medical students will have a widely varied clinical experience – working directly with urology residents, taking case histories, assisting in the operating room, attending conferences, seminars and demonstrations and interacting with attending physicians.

Students who choose this rotation as an elective will participate as a member of a very busy academic urological service at the University of Florida.  Students will learn about the daily responsibilities of a urology resident, which include education of medical students and perioperative care of surgical patients.  Students will attend all urology related conferences, assist in operating rooms and will see patients in clinic.  Although the curriculum is flexible, students should prepare for cases and conferences as any other member of the team and will be held accountable as any team member would be.

At the conclusion of the 4-week rotation, students will present a 15-minute slide presentation on some aspect of Urology in the didactic format to residents and faculty.  Students should choose a faculty mentor who will assist in the assimilation and delivery of this presentation.  The presentation should be evidence-based, and articles from accredited journals should be referenced. Due to the interview season timeline, students who rotate from June through October will receive a letter of recommendation. Students who rotate outside of this window will not receive a letter of recommendation.

In order to be an effective member of the medical team and ensure the best educational experience, students should review the basics of urology prior to the start of their externship.  The National Medical Student Curriculum is an excellent reference and is available on the AUA website at


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