Mentorship Model

Resident rotations: To provide our residents with a comprehensive and enriched experience of each faculty’s unique practice, we have purposefully designed the resident rotations based upon a mentorship model whereby the residents are immersed in one particular urologic practice (e.g. oncology, stones, female/male reconstruction, peds) for a 3-4 month stretch of time. This provides the residents the opportunity to have continuity of care with patients in the pre-op, intraop and postoperative setting. In addition, the mentorship model of rotations provides the ideal setting by which residents can focus and hone their surgical skills, whether it be in open, laparoscopic, endoscopic or robotic surgery.

Faculty mentors: Each PGY-2 resident is allowed to select a faculty mentor who serves as an advisor during their residency, providing guidance in research, education, case log management, and career planning.


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