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From Infertility Struggles to Finding a Family at UF Health

A few years ago, Nicholas and his wife moved back to Nicholas’ home state of Florida to complete his training at UF Health. Their plan was that as soon as the stresses of day-to-day life eased and their careers settled, they would start a family. Both young and healthy, they never thought twice about whether that dream would come true

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Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer – a Silent Disease

After a series of tests, the medical team had two findings: the source of her pain was an ovarian cyst, but Jessica also had an incidental finding of a tumor on her left kidney.

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Bill’s blessing in disguise: ‘Cancer saved my life’

William Blue did not wish for cancer but is now thankful he had it. Bill’s diagnosis, at age 56, was his reckoning – a life-changing experience that may have saved his life. 

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pediatric Urology

UF Health Pediatric Urologists Gave Harlee a Chance

When, Harlee became septic with the worst urinary tract infection of her life, her parents turned to UF Health pediatric urologist Christopher Bayne, MD and UF Health pediatric radiologist Priya Sharma, MD, who collaborated with both MRI and intra-operative imaging to customize a robotic surgery focused on preserving Harlee’s kidney.

the focus of the picture is harlee, a young girl with a major kidney issue. the is laughing and smiling. she has long dark hair pulled back. she is wearing a white shirt with a blue cardigan sweater. in the background you can see her mom, dad and sister. dad is wearing a blue shirt and momis wearing a dark blue top top. both are wearing jeans. her sibling is wearing a purple dress. the focus of the picture if harlee's smiling face.

Bladder Cancer

Susan’s Road to Acceptance

It was late December when Susan Baglivio, a 68-year-old outpatient surgery nurse from St. Augustine, felt that she may have a urinary tract infection, or UTI.

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Prostate Cancer

For Courtney Munroe, lightning struck twice in the form of cancer

When Courtney was diagnosed with prostate cancer and then kidney cancer, he didn’t have to think twice about where to seek treatment.

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Life Altering Care Inspires Patient to Give Back

John Shepherd shares his story of perseverance in his battle with prostate cancer and how his experience inspired him to make a philanthropic gift in support of the medical staff who helped him.

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prostate cancer

When deciding where to receive treatment for prostate cancer, one name kept coming up for William – UF Health.

Dr. Tom Stringer, Dr. Li-Ming Su, and the team at UF Health Urology performed a robotic surgery to remove his cancer that has allowed William to focus on what is important, his family.

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Prostate Cancer

Veteran Advocates ‘Take Care of Yourself | Chris Maxfield’s Story of Prostate Cancer

“All cancers have to be viewed in a personalized matter & Chris’ was the type of cancer that has choices.”

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Prostate Cancer

Dr. Sem Lampotang’s story of Prostate Cancer

When Sem Lampotang, PhD, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, even a traditional biopsy came back negative.

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Prostate Cancer

From Prostate Cancer Patient to Survivor and Advocate

Tony Braun was at his urologist’s office one day in 2010 because of a kidney stone when the physician became alarmed.

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