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UF Health Pediatric Urologists Gave Harlee a Chance

When, Harlee became septic with the worst urinary tract infection of her life, her parents turned to UF Health pediatric urologist Christopher Bayne, MD and UF Health pediatric radiologist Priya Sharma, MD, who collaborated with both MRI and intra-operative imaging to customize a robotic surgery focused on preserving Harlee’s kidney.

the focus of the picture is harlee, a young girl with a major kidney issue. the is laughing and smiling. she has long dark hair pulled back. she is wearing a white shirt with a blue cardigan sweater. in the background you can see her mom, dad and sister. dad is wearing a blue shirt and momis wearing a dark blue top top. both are wearing jeans. her sibling is wearing a purple dress. the focus of the picture if harlee's smiling face.

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