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Benjamin Canales MD

New UF Department of Urology Publication!

Congratulations Dr. Paul Dominguez-Gutierrez, Ms. Elizabeth Kwenda, Dr. Saeed Khan, and Dr. Benjamin Canales on their publication in the March 2020 issue of Current Opinion in Urology.

Benjy Canales, MD named Director of Urologic Research for the UF Department of Urology

I am pleased to announce that Benjy Canales, MD has agreed to serve as the Director of Urologic Research for the UF Department of Urology. As many of you know, for several years now Dr. Canales has already been fulfilling many duties regarding research oversight within our department and I thought it would only be fitting to formalize his role. As a surgeon-scientist, I believe that he has the right background, training and accomplishments to serve in this capacity.

Congratulations to Drs. Benjamin Canales, Nitin Sharma, Brandon Otto, and Vincent Bird on their publication in the September edition of Urology (Gold) Journal!

Their publication entitled, “Long-term Recurrence Rates in Uric Acid Stone Formers With or Without Medical Management” highlights the challenges of starting patients with medically complex conditions on lifelong potassium citrate therapy for prevention of recurrent uric acid stones. The article emphasizes the need for clinicians to customize this therapy to…

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