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Featured Faculty: Paul Crispen, MD

I am proud to become a member of the Multidisciplinary Genitourinary Oncology team at the University of Florida. Patients afflicted by genitourinary malignancies will face many challenges during the evaluation and treatment of their cancer which may be minimized by comprehensive care provided by multiple specialists. Our team…

The University of Florida Prostate Disease Center has launched its website!

The University of Florida Prostate Disease Center (UFPDC) provides an integrated and broad-based clinical research effort that will translate laboratory discoveries into tomorrow’s leading-edge cancer treatments, new diagnostic tools and modalities for the many patients affected by prostate cancer.  The purpose of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Program is…


Urology Education Fellowships and Residencies…


Excellence In Research Our department is committed to continuous excellence in research. Our research program is an award-winning program in both Clinical Science and Basic Science Research. Our labs are dedicated to eliminating Genitourinary Cancer as the second most common cause of male cancer death in this country.

Ranked as the #32 urology program in the nation by U.S. News & World Report