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William Donelan PhD

UF Health Cancer Center Awards American Cancer Society Pilot Grants

William Donelan, Ph.D., a research assistant scientist in the department of urology in the UF College of Medicine, was awarded a grant for his project, titled “Novel antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of bladder cancer.” This project seeks to develop a new class of antibody-drug conjugates that can selectively target and kill bladder cancer cells, while sparing healthy tissues.

UF Urology at the 2023 SESAUA

Southeastern Section of the AUA, Inc 86th Annual Meeting March 16 - 19, 2022 Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino San Juan, PR

American Chestnut Tree Leaf Tea for Mitigating Kidney Stone Disease Occurrence

Researchers at the University of Florida have discovered the addition of Darling 58 ACT leaves to commercially available teas reduces their oxalate levels. American Chestnut Tree leaves, alone or in combination with tea leaves, may serve as a potential therapeutic to reduce oxalate levels and mitigate renal stone occurrence in stone formers wanting to enjoy the health benefits of freshly brewed tea.

William L. Donelan, PhD Promoted to Research Assistant Scientist

In his new UF faculty position as “Research Assistant Scientist”, he has already obtained a subaward contract through a local start-up company to continue his research in developing a point-of-care urine oxalate monitoring test in order to help patients lower their kidney stone risk and prevent kidney stone recurrence.


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