Value #3 – Excellence

People who value Excellence demonstrate…

  • Continuous improvement and self-reflection
  • Innovation in finding ways to improve performance
  • Commitment to the pursuit of excellence in all activities

To demonstrate Excellence, we commit to hold each other accountable for the following:

  • Always act in the best interest of our patients and regard responsibility to the patient as paramount
  • Emphasis on departmental team work as well as expanded team of health professionals within the institution and community including referring physicians
  • Hold self and others accountable for achieving performance expectations
  • Continuously learn and improve skills
  • Willingly accept challenging assignments
  • Remain open minded; respond and adapt to change
  • Obtain consultation and use the talents of other health professionals when indicated
  • Work to make progress towards personal and team goals, despite difficulties
  • Demonstrate safe working practices and maintain a clean work environment
  • Meet the standard of care and act in accordance with all relevant and applicable legal and professional obligations and expectations
  • Follow organizational systems, policies, and procedures and willingly adapt to new policies and guidelines


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Rated as High Performing Urology Program

Rated as High Performing in Prostate Cancer Surgery