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Li-Ming Su, MD

I’m excited to share with you my passion for our department and our commitment to excellence in urologic care. In keeping with UF Health’s mission, we remain committed to providing outstanding patient care, conducting innovative research and training tomorrow’s leaders.

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UF Urology

With over a 60 year history, UF Urology provides a multidisciplinary approach to some of the most challenging urologic disorders by combining the expertise of physicians from many specialties within UF Health, all with the common goal of providing the best patient-centered care.

Urology News

UF Health Tropical Weather Alert

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For the latest on closures or modified hours due to Hurricane Ian, visit

uf health tropical update

Cynthia Sharadin, MD to join UF Health Urology…

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We are pleased to announce Dr. Cynthia Sharadin will join our Pediatric Urology Division next year following completion of her Pediatric Urology…

professional photo of Cynthia A. Sharadin, MD. she is wearing a white doctors coat.

The Dana Moody, MD, and Omar Benitez, MD…

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As many of you know, through the generosity of several of your fellow former residents, a resident education fund has been established in the memory…

doctors benetiz and moody.

UF Health Urology Podcasts/Videos


Vasectomy Reversal: Provider and Patient Considerations

Kevin Campbell M.D highlights vasectomy reversal with both provider and patient consideration. He describes the workup and counseling for patients interested in vasectomy reversal. He outlines the surgical techniques and procedures available for men with a history of vasectomy and he discusses the post-operative considerations following a vasectomy reversal.

doctor kevin campbell is wearing his white doctors coat, a white collared shirt and a blue tie


The Benefits of a Transperineal Prostate Biopsy – A Patient Testimonial

UF Health Urology patient Andy Farina never expected to have concerning results from his PSA test. When it came time to explore his issue further he turned to Wayne Brisbane, MD, a urologic oncology surgeon here at UF Health to perform a leading-edge type of biopsy called a transperineal biopsy that is safer and more effective than a traditional biopsy approach.

Doctor Brisbane white coat professional pic


Treatment for Urinary Incontinence

Larry Yeung, MD reviews the various types of incontinence, why it is important to treat and different management options including behavior modification, medication, devices, physical therapy and various surgical options.  

head shot of doctor Lawrence L. Yeung wearing a pinkish purple collared shirt with a dark purple tie with his white doctors coat. he has dark hair. the background of the photo is medium blue.

UF Health MedEd Cast

UF Health Urology Podcasts/Videos

The official podcast of UF Health provides engaging insight on today’s trending health care topics. Earn CME credits while learning about clinical issues and research advances from experts at UF Health Shands Hospital, one of the nation’s top academic health centers. Subscribe to UF Health MedEd Cast and join the conversation!

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Patient Stories


Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening: How a Simple Blood Test Saved Marvin’s Life

When Marvin Sanders first received the diagnosis of prostate cancer, he laughed to keep himself from crying. “I was scared and I was shocked,” Marvin said. “And I wanted to make sure my wife, Melanie, had support, because I knew she would be crying.”

marvin and his wife melanie.


For Courtney Munroe, lightning struck twice in the form of cancer

When Courtney was diagnosed with prostate cancer and then kidney cancer, he didn’t have to think twice about where to seek treatment.



Veteran Advocates ‘Take Care of Yourself | Chris Maxfield’s Story of Prostate Cancer

“All cancers have to be viewed in a personalized matter & Chris’ was the type of cancer that has choices.”

john shepherd and his wife. they are dressed in orange and blue.


When deciding where to receive treatment for prostate cancer, one name kept coming up for William – UF Health.

Dr. Tom Stringer, Dr. Li-Ming Su, and the team at UF Health Urology performed a robotic surgery to remove his cancer that has allowed William to focus on what is important, his family.

William scott and his wife and children. It's a fun picture with all smiling and laughing. Green trees are visible in the backgroun. they all have on casual summer clothes.

UroGators Alumni Society

UroGators Alumni Society

The UroGators of the University of Florida (UF) Department of Urology serve to support and promote the advancement of urologic education for residents and members, to enhance fellowship and communication between current and former residents, fellows and faculty, and to serve as advisors to those who support UF’s Department of Urology.

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