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Li-Ming Su, MD

I’m excited to share with you my passion for our department and our commitment to excellence in urologic care. In keeping with UF Health’s mission, we remain committed to providing outstanding patient care, conducting innovative research and training tomorrow’s leaders.

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UF Urology

With over a 60 year history, UF Urology provides a multidisciplinary approach to some of the most challenging urologic disorders by combining the expertise of physicians from many specialties within UF Health, all with the common goal of providing the best patient-centered care.

Urology News

Emely Haviaras, RN, Named the 2022 Florence…

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ed and proud to announce that Emely Haviaras, RN (UF Health Urology – Medical Plaza), has been named the 2022 Florence Nightingale Award Winner.

doctor su, nightingale award recipient RN emely havaras and doctor yeung

Christopher E. Bayne, MD Recognized as Top…

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Congratulations to the UF Urology Division of Pediatric Urology faculty for your unwavering commitment to excellence!

This photo is of Christopher E. Bayne who is a medical doctor. He is wearing a dark blue suit coat with a white collared shirt and a dark blue tie. He has brown hair and is wearing black framed glasses. The background of the photo is medium blue.

Stephanie Stenner awarded the Program Coordinator…

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Join us in congratulating Stephanie Stenner for being awarded the Program Coordinator Superstar Award.

Photo of Stephanie Stenner, Resident Coordinator for the University of Florida Department of Urology. She is smiling and is wearing a blue blouse, she has shoulder length blonde hair and has on brown framed glasses.

UF Health Urology Podcasts/Videos


Treatment for Prostate Conditions

Wayne Brisbane, MD discusses the difference between a normal prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. He also discusses why how using imaging can guide both diagnosis and treatment for better patient results. He goes over treatment techniques such as groundbreaking focal therapy, radiation, traditional surgery and combination therapies.

Doctor Brisbane white coat professional pic


Male Infertility

Kevin Campbell MD discusses male infertility. He shares the initial steps in the workup of male infertility, exploring medical therapies that optimize fertility and surgical options available to improve or restore male fertility.

doctor kevin campbell is wearing his white doctors coat, a white collared shirt and a blue tie


Treatment for Urinary Incontinence

Larry Yeung, MD reviews the various types of incontinence, why it is important to treat and different management options including behavior modification, medication, devices, physical therapy and various surgical options.  

head shot of doctor Lawrence L. Yeung wearing a pinkish purple collared shirt with a dark purple tie with his white doctors coat. he has dark hair. the background of the photo is medium blue.

UF Health MedEd Cast

UF Health Urology Podcasts/Videos

The official podcast of UF Health provides engaging insight on today’s trending health care topics. Earn CME credits while learning about clinical issues and research advances from experts at UF Health Shands Hospital, one of the nation’s top academic health centers. Subscribe to UF Health MedEd Cast and join the conversation!

Photo of words, the first is UF, in dark orange, and then the word Health in white with a medium blue background. Below that is a symbol consisting of eleven small dots training from left to right and ending at one larger dot, then three crescent shaped lines increasing from short to medium to long in length stacked with spaces between each line in upper right corner of large dot in white on a medium blue background, Below that symbol the words Medical Education Cast in white on a medium blue background.

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Patient Stories


From Infertility Struggles to Finding a Family at UF Health

A few years ago, Nicholas and his wife moved back to Nicholas’ home state of Florida to complete his training at UF Health. Both young and healthy, they never thought twice about whether that dream would come true.

a baby hand holding an adults finger


Kidney Cancer – a Silent Disease

After a series of tests, the medical team had two findings: the source of her pain was an ovarian cyst, but Jessica also had an incidental finding of a tumor on her left kidney.

Jessica dressed in a black outfit with a black headband and is doing a yoga pose on a turquoise towel. Jessica is on a wooden pier with two wooden posts on left side an one wooden post on the right side of the pier. The pier is built out over a large water mass. Her yoga pose is a hand stand and she is resting on her knees on her upper arms holding herself up using her hands.


Bill’s blessing in disguise: ‘Cancer saved my life’

William Blue did not wish for cancer but is now thankful he had it. Bill’s diagnosis, at age 56, was his reckoning – a life-changing experience that may have saved his life. 

uf health cancer hospital

UroGators Alumni Society

UroGators Alumni Society

The UroGators of the University of Florida (UF) Department of Urology serve to support and promote the advancement of urologic education for residents and members, to enhance fellowship and communication between current and former residents, fellows and faculty, and to serve as advisors to those who support UF’s Department of Urology.

uf urology facutly, residents and urogtors on top of camelback mountain after hike Play Video

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