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Joseph Grajo MD

Congratulations Dr. Joseph R. Grajo!

Please join us in congratulating Joseph R. Grajo, MD, FSAR, Associate Professor of Radiology, Joint Associate Professor of Urology on the upcoming publication of two new textbooks.

Multidisciplinary MRI Fusion Prostate Biopsy Program

Prostate cancer remains the most common cancer in men with an estimated 164,690 new cases in 2018. Despite how common prostate cancer is, there are limitations in our ability to detect it based on traditional screening and biopsy methods. Multi-parametric MRI of the prostate has…

Multidisciplinary Urologic Oncology Clinic

The treatment options for all genitourinary cancers are expanding and many patients can be offered several approaches to treat their cancer. Additionally, patients will often require more than one treatment approach including surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy to achieve the best outcome.  Treatment plans that include more…

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