Dr. Canales makes September cover of Journal of Urology for his research on Randall’s plaques

Journal of Urology

Dr. Benjamin Canales, Assistant Professor of Urology, and Dr. Saeed Khan recently published an article entitled, “Ultrastructural Investigation of Crystal Deposits in Npt2a Knockout Mice: Are They Similar to Human Randall’s Plaques?” in The Journal of Urology, the most widely read and highly cited journal in the field of urology. A photomicrograph from the article was featured on the Journal’s cover and an editorial accompanied its publication. The article describes a calcium phosphate deposits in a knock-out mouse that appear similar to the calcium deposits seen in certain types of human kidney disease (calcinosis) and kidney stone formers (papillary plaques). His team continues to investigate new models of stone disease in hopes of advancing knowledge in the area of kidney stone disease prevention.

[The Journal of Urology; Volume 186, Number 3, September 2011. Pg 1107-1113]



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