UF Health focusing on prostate cancer detection through image-guided technology

Dr. Stringer, Dr. Grajo and Dr. Otto working with UroNav machineDr. Tom Stringer, Dr. Brandon Otto (Department of Urology) and Dr. Joe Grajo (Department of Radiology) at University of Florida Health are using a new magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, platform for ultrasound fusion-guided prostate biopsies. This technology has been shown to improve prostate cancer detection and classification in men with a high risk of prostate cancer as well as those with low-risk prostate cancer who are on active surveillance. Patients undergo an MRI of the prostate before their biopsy and any concerning areas seen by the radiologists are fused with the real-time ultrasound images obtained at the time of prostate biopsy.  The urologists can then target the exact location of these suspicious areas with their biopsy needles. As a result of this improved accuracy, patients are less likely to need repeat biopsies.

Alisha Kinman
The Post, November 2016 Edition

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