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JUNE is Men’s Health Month!

Men, you’ve been taught how to handle a flat tire, a leaky faucet or maybe even how to patch a hole in the wall, but do you know what it takes to stay healthy? Here are a few numbers to keep your health in check.

7th Annual UF Urology Faculty/Resident Golf Tournament

The 7th Annual UF Urology Faculty/Resident Golf Tournament was held at Ironwood Golf Course on May 25th, followed by pizza and beer at the home of the Stringers. Although the venue and time were changed from previous years, the annual accompanying deluge of rain remained the same. Hanging unto the golf club became as challenging as trying not to lose the mother ball.

New UF Department of Urology Publication!

Congratulations Dr. Paul Dominguez-Gutierrez, Ms. Elizabeth Kwenda, Dr. Saeed Khan, and Dr. Benjamin Canales on their publication in the March 2020 issue of Current Opinion in Urology.

Congratulations on NIH R21 Funding!

Congratulations to Dr. Benjamin K. Canales (Urology), Dr. Muna T. Canales (Nephrology), Dr. Michelle Cardel (Health Outcomes), Dr. W. Troy Donahoo (Endocrinology) and Dr. Matthew Gurka (Health Outcomes)!

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

According to Dr. Padraic O’Malley, MSc, MD, FRCSC, the time between when a patient identifies an unusual mass and when they seek medical attention is critical. “The sooner we can identify the cancer, the more we can limit the amount of treatment the patient will need,” Dr. O’Malley said.


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