Annual Chief Resident Graduation Dinner hosted by Dr. & Mrs. Tom (Leah) Stringer

a group photo taken at the home of tom and leah stringer. doctors domino and galante are sitting on the left side of the dinng table. doctor stringer and his wife leah are sitting at the head of the table and doctor campbell and his wife danielle are sitting to the right. all are facing the camera. the dining room is spacious. all are dressed in business casual clothing. all are smiling

On Saturday, June 16th, the Annual Chief Resident Graduation dinner was held at the home of Leah and Tom Stringer. It was an enjoyable evening filled with laughter, reminiscing and solidifying lifelong friendships formed during their years as Urology residents.

doctors campbell, domino, stringer and galante are standing arm in arm. doctor campbell is wering dark dress pants with a white collared shirt. doctor domino is wering a sleeeless multi color sundress. doctor stringer is wearing a dark blue collared shirt and black dress pants. doctor galante is wearing a dark t shirt and khaki shorts. all are smiling.

While the event is always bittersweet, it is also filled with great food, shared memories, laughter and tears.  Leah and Tom’s love and devotion (and Leah’s lunches) for all of our Urology residents is invaluable.

Kevin Campbell, MD, Paula Domino, MD and Alex Galante, MD, are on to their next career chapters as they begin their fellowships.

Good luck to our future UroGators…..Kevin, Paula and Alex!


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