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The University of Florida Prostate Disease Center (UFPDC) provides an integrated and broad-based clinical research effort that will translate laboratory discoveries into tomorrow’s leading-edge cancer treatments, new diagnostic tools and modalities for the many patients affected by prostate cancer.  The purpose of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Program is to provide statewide outreach, promote prostate cancer awareness, communicate the advantages of early detection, report recent progress in research and the availability of clinical trials, minimize health disparities through outreach and education, communicate best practice principles, and establish a communication platform for patients and their advocates.

The UFPDC Prostate Advisory Council guides and manages the actions of the center and acts as a representative by presenting policy recommendations, creating a platform for patients and their advocates, developing strategies to improve outreach and education, heightening awareness and educating state residents, with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of patients who develop prostate cancer.

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