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doctor guiterrez is wearing a white doctor coat with a white shirt and black tie with small designs on it. he has dark hair. he is a researcher. the background of the photo is medium blue.
Paul Dominguez-Gutierrez, PhD
Elizabeth Kwenda is a medical student who is working with our department in an OPS position. Elizabeth Kwenda is an African American woman in her early 20's. she is wearing a blue shirt. she has a tan background behind her. she has long dark hair.
Kwenda, BS
Saeed Khan, PhD is wearing a white doctors coat with a dark gray collared shirt and a grey striped tie.  he has gray hair.  the background of the picture is a dark blue.
Khan, PhD
Doctor benjamin canales is a medical doctor. He is wearing his white lab coat with a pink collared shirt and a blue silver tie. He has dark hair. The background of the photo is medium blue.
Canales, MD

Congratulations Dr. Paul Dominguez-Gutierrez, Ms. Elizabeth Kwenda, Dr. Saeed Khan, and Dr. Benjamin Canales on their publication in the March 2020 issue of Current Opinion in Urology.

The article, entitled “Immunotherapy for Stone Disease,” highlights emerging data about how calcium oxalate elicits an immune response and how future therapies may be directed at this response to target kidney stone prevention. The article can be accessed by visiting

Please join us in congratulating their research group!


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